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libpfrng is a userspace library which provides a high-quality but slow random number generator based on CPU timing jitter. It passes Diehard, FIPS, NIST, and entropy tests, and is high-rated by CAcert RNG test.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  21 Feb 2014 21:34

Release Notes: The threading model has been improved. The code has been documented heavily to match the Doxygen style. Some bugs have been fixed.

  •  10 Feb 2014 22:35

Release Notes: An integer overflow bug has been fixed. The feeder example has been fixed. Test speed has been improved.

  •  06 Feb 2014 00:51

Release Notes: The source code has been refactored. Random number quality and RNG speed have been improved.

  •  10 Nov 2013 21:06

Release Notes: A Spectra test example has been added. A new API function has been introduced. OpenMP support has been added. A /dev/random feeder daemon has been added.

  •  07 Nov 2013 00:32

Release Notes: A CLOCK_MONOTONIC fallback has been added. Additional entropy harvesting has been implemented. Examples have been added.


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